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Name:Laigle de Meaux
Bossuet was a gay but unlucky fellow. His specialty was not to succeed in anything. As an offset, he laughed at everything. At five and twenty he was bald. His father had ended by owning a house and a field; but he, the son, had had nothing better to do than to lose that house and field in a bad speculation. He had nothing left. He possessed knowledge and wit, but all he did miscarried. Everything failed him and everybody deceived him; what he was building tumbled down on top of him. If he were splitting wood, he cut off a finger. If he had a mistress, he speedily discovered that he had a friend also. Some misfortune happened to him every moment, hence his joviality. He said: "I live under falling tiles." He was not easily astonished, because, for him, an accident was what he had foreseen, he took his bad luck serenely, and smiled at the teasing of fate, like a person who is listening to pleasantries. He was poor, but his fund of good humor was inexhaustible. He soon reached his last sou, never his last burst of laughter. When adversity entered his doors, he saluted this old acquaintance cordially, he tapped all catastrophes on the stomach; he was familiar with fatality to the point of calling it by its nickname: "Good day, Guignon," he said to it.


Lègle (de Meaux) also answers to Laigle, Lesgle, and Bossuet. Specialty: succeeding in nothing, laughing at everything. Has already lost his hair and his inheritance and his spot in various law-classes. Prone to lounging, sauntering, running out of money very fast when he happens to have any to begin with, being broke, drinking, playing dominoes, gallows humor and inappropriate puns, talking your ear off, supporting his friends in all their endeavors. An ardent believer in the future French republic. Plagued by bad luck.

Bossuet has been brought in from 1830, from the July Revolution that Victor Hugo completely fails to mention in Les Misérables. He's not even a little bit dead yet!

Well, oops, now he's dead. After some plot Bossuet returned to 1830 Paris, changed very little if any history, and returned to Milliways via 1832 barricade to be dead with the rest of his friends.

He's unremarkable in his appearance (by 1830s European standards), except for being rather shabby and awfully young to have so little hair. I'm playing him from book canon, making up backstory as needed. Currently he's busing tables at the bar, and sharing a room with Joly as usual.

The player is here on DW and on tumblr as needsmoreresearch, and on AO3 as tritonvert. And ages ago I was Janewt on LiveJournal. Hello! I'm on the US East Coast, but my schedule skews pretty early on account of small children.

Borrowing a note on canon-puncture largely from [personal profile] pro_patria_mortuus: in the 1830s Victor Hugo was already a well-known writer and prominent figure in the Paris artistic scene, so Bossuet has heard of him. He would not be terribly shocked to learn that Hugo wrote a novel about the events of the June 1832 uprising. But beyond that, if we're getting into any personal specifics only knowable through reading Les Misérables, please talk to me first just so we're on the same page. He's a fourth-wall kicking kind of character at times, canonically, and I like messing around with meta.

Lesgle has now read the Amis-centric portions of Les Misérables and skimmed some of the rest. Welp, thanks, Victor Hugo.

Bossuet is from Les Misérables and is the property of Victor Hugo (or...whatever the copyright situation is). He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. The pictures are of Patrick Stewart as Lenin in Fall of Eagles.
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